How to Work with Me

Working with me couldn’t be easier: Call to discuss and describe what you need. Provide me sufficient background information. Review and accept my copy. Pay my invoice.

For most of my established, repeat, clients — and over 90 percent of my current work is repeat business for clients I’ve served for five years or more — that really is how it goes.

Some copywriting projects require in-person meetings, background interviews, creative conferences, concept presentations or copy revision discussions. This is especially so for corporate brochure copywriting, annual report copywriting and Website copywriting required for major rebuilds. I’m available for as many of those kinds of meetings as it takes to get the job done, both here in the D.C.-Baltimore area and out-of-town. Of course, meetings take time and time costs money. Usually yours. And the time I spend in meetings or getting to them is time I’m not writing — for you or anyone else.

That’s why the vast majority of my copywriting projects don’t require any meetings at all. Clients provide most of the information I need by phone, email, fax and FedEx. When there are holes to be filled in, I call and ask questions. Or I go to the Web and do my own research.

I send you copy by email as a Word file. You send or communicate revisions or corrections in whatever way works best for you. If there’s anything to talk about, one of us picks up the phone. The process repeats until the job is done.

Like I said, easy.

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How I Charge

I do nearly all of my copywriting work on a project-fee basis, with the price quoted up front based on our mutual understanding of your requirements and the scope of work. Projects that lack definition or that begin with figuring out and proposing what you need are handled on an hourly basis. Sooner or later, we’ll reach a point where a cost-to-complete can be firmly quoted.

My flat project fees for copywriting always include first draft and up to two rounds of revisions — if needed — within a project’s original scope, regardless of the actual hours required. Because second and third drafts are provided at no additional cost, I have earned the full project fee with delivery of first draft.

First projects for new clients require a deposit of one-third the base fee before I begin writing and are billed in progress: one third upon delivery of first draft and the balance upon completion, payable net 10 days. With your good credit established, I’ll probably waive deposits and bill future projects on 30-day terms. Even for ongoing clients, copywriting for corporate brochures, annual reports and other large projects may require in-progress billing.

If you’re an ad agency, design studio, marketing consultant or other intermediary, you are my client. You understand and agree that your payment to me is not contingent upon your clients’ payment to you.

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And What it Costs

After 21 years of freelancing, I can assure you that the fees I quote are fair to both of us. I get compensated for all the time I expect to devote to your assignment while you pay a reasonable price for the value I deliver.

The table below shows ranges of fees I’ve recently charged for typical projects. Ranges reflect such variables as complexity of subject and number and length of meetings or interview calls. A project with good background material and no on-site meetings might cost at the bottom of a range. Meetings with you or third parties can push costs to the top of a range or beyond. I will gladly quote a specific fee for any project based on information you provide. Of course, fees are subject to revision and re-quote if project specifications when the work begins are different from those on which my quote is based. Revisions beyond third draft or outside the original scope of work are billed hourly.

annual reports $12,000 and up
8-page brochure (plus cover) $2,500 - $4,500
4-page brochure (plus cover) $1,200 - $2,000
4-page brochure (self-cover) $1,000 - $1,500
slimjim or mailer (#10)
6 - 8 panels, less than 6" x 9"
$650 - $1,200
direct mail sales letter $500 - $1,000
white paper (1500 - 2500 words) $1,500 - $3,000
1-page, front and back, fact sheet $700 - $1,000
full-page ad $850 - $1,300
website (per page) $300 - $600
minimum project $500
hourly rate for on-site services, billable revisions,
or projects lacking definition

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